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WordPress For Beginners - Admin Tour

Video Transcript

To login to WordPress you need to go to your domain name address followed by the /wp-admin path.

For example if your domain name is you'd need to go to

This can occasionally be different, it depends on how WordPress has been setup for you.

It is recommended for this address is changed to prevent unauthorised people from attempting to login.

You will see a login form for WordPress asking for a username / email address and password.

Enter your login details into the form and click the blue login button.

If the details are correct you will now see the WordPress admin interface.

The WordPress admin is where you will create content. Its the control panel for your website.

To the left hand side of the control panel you will see a list of menu items.

These represent the content types you can manage and tools you can use to alter appearance, create users etc.

As you install plugins to WordPress links will be added to these menu items.

To the top of the screen is the toolbar.

This is used primarily for quick links to add content and to access your logged in user.

The main content area of the control panel is the dashboard.

This gives information on site health, allows you to create content quickly and provides quick at a glance statistics information

Other plugins you may add to WordPress can add additional widgets to this dashboard.

To the top right of the screen underneath the toolbar you will find screen option and help tabs

These allow you to alter the display of information on the dashboard and provide instructions on how to use WordPress. These tabs change on different pages of the wp admin.

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