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Signalfire develop wordpress, laravel node websites and apps

About Signalfire

We're based near the Lake District in Cumbria, but operate across the UK
and have been offering web development services to clients like you for many years.

If your business needs design, coding, development or other online or digital help give us a call.
Our services include website, app and online shop development.

We develop using the PHP and JS languages so can offer you the right solution in WordPress, Laravel or Node. For online stores we focus on development using Woocommerce or Shopify.

Whatever your budget or need we can help you build and grow your online business or e-commerce store.

Get in touch by giving us a call, asking for a quotation or setting up an online meeting today.

We build websites, apps and online stores

We use a range of web and mobile technologies to build projects for clients like you including...

Laravel PHP Framework
Shopify E-commerce Development
WordPress CMS Website Design & Development
NodeJS Development
React & React Native Development


We offer friendly and reliable web design and coding for your business

API Development

We can develop your business a new API using Laravel or Node and ExpressJS. If you need to integrate your current website or online store with a third-party API such as Royal Mail, DHL or Amazon get in touch.

Online Store Development

We can develop or update an online store website built using a PHP based platform or Shopify. Whether you use Woocommerce, Open-Cart or some other e-commerce platform get in touch.

WordPress Development

We can build your business a fast, effective custom WordPress website or adapt a theme. If you've an existing WordPress site we can help upgrade and amend to boost SEO or speed.

CMS Development

We can build or update a website using any other PHP CMS framework. We offer development services using OctoberCMS, Laravel Nova and CraftCMS. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

PHP Framework Development

We develop websites and apps using Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii or Slim PHP frameworks. Whether you need a small application, API or mobile backend or have amendments or issues get in touch.

Javascript Development

We can create Single Page (SPA) websites using the React or Vue Javascript frameworks. We can team this with NextJS or NuxtJS and Node for 21st Century web development.

"Signalfire have been simply amazing since day 1!! Agent Media have been working with Signalfire for 6/7 years and in that time they have created 20+ websites for ourselves and our clients. They are always on hand and have the expertise to build any type of website you are looking for. Strongly recommend you will not be disappointed."

Ian Watson

Ian Watson Founder Agent Media Ltd

Previous Projects

Some of the previous projects WordPress, Drupal and PHP projects we have undertaken

Laravel and Laravel Nova Website Development for Signalfire
Coomara Website Branding, Design and Development
Carlisle Flight Training Woocommerce and WordPress website
Brownfilms website project
Creative Mark website development
Eden Country Care website development
Grafix Signs Website Design and Development
Lemba Electrical Website Development
Lloyd Honda Motorcycles WordPress website development
Mottram WordPress Website Development
Zest Restaurant Website Development
The Tech Capital WordPress Development

Recent Blog Posts

The latest web and coding guides, problems and solutions from our blog.

Boost website speed with an Amazon Cloudfront CDN, S3 & AWS Certificate Manager

Boost website speed with an Amazon Cloudfront CDN, S3 & AWS Certificate Manager

Google uses the speed of a website as a ranking signal. According to them it is a critical factor in providing a good user experience. When users visit a website, they expect it to load fast and without interruption. In this article I will outline the use of a CDN to boost website performance. I will show how to setup a CDN using Amazon Cloudfront, S3 and Amazon Certificate Manager.

HTML Select input for Laravel Jetstream using Vue3

HTML Select input for Laravel Jetstream using Vue3

Was in need of a Select input using Vue3 for a project I've just started using Laravel Jetstream with Laravel Inertia. They don't provide a select input as part of the supplied component collection, so created one myself.

The Importance of Responsive Web Design for SEO Success

The Importance of Responsive Web Design for SEO Success

Users are now as likely to use a mobile or tablet device to access your website as they are a desktop. It is crucial to have a responsive web design that enhances the user experience. In this article, we'll focus on the importance of responsive web design for SEO success.

What is responsive design and why is it so important for your website?

What is responsive design and why is it so important for your website?

Website design is still a relatively young discipline. When it first started websites were designed primarily using HTML tables with content in cells and rows similar to spreadsheets. In this article we cover how responsive web design came about and why it is so important when you design a web site or design and ecommerce website.

3 fantastic css layout frameworks for designing for web

3 fantastic css layout frameworks for designing for web

A CSS layout system or CSS framework is a collection of code used by developers to speed up development. Frameworks provide a set of common, tested, cross-browser code. Features often include mobile responsive utilities, grids, buttons and tables.

6 Questions on Google Ad Grants For Non-Profits & Charities

6 Questions on Google Ad Grants For Non-Profits & Charities

In this article I will cover the most common questions regarding the Google Ad Grants programme which offers qualifying charities up-to £7000 per month Google Ad credits to boost their charity.

Our Web Design Process

We offer friendly and reliable bespoke web design and coding services for your business.
Our process to design a web site or design a ecommerce website is as follows:

1Step One : Website Development Research

We will send you a document asking you questions on what features you want when we create website for you. Questions will cover your current pain points, what you want to achieve, what your budget is, as well as asking you for a list of websites of your business competitors.

2Step Two : Wireframing

Most website development companies don't do this but we will create an interactive basic mockup of your website to help us work with you to understand fully your desired layout for web pages and to help us to optimise the website visitor journey on your website.

3Step Three : Design

We will get our graphic designers involved at this stage. We'll provide them your initial document and our interactive prototype and ask them to interpret this as a bespoke website design. The design for website is very important so we can iterate on this until you are happy.

4Step Four : Build Website

We will take the layout for web page created by our graphic designer and adapt it to produce a responsive design web theme in whatever content management system you have chosen to use for your bespoke web design project. This website development stage is important so we will tweak until you're happy.

5Step Five : SEO Review

We will review the website design we've created and assess it against basic technical SEO criteria and Google Web Vitals standards to ensure that all is good. Design and web development are exceptionally important so in this stage we may make changes to boost your chances of ranking well.

6Step Six : Go Live

Once you are happy with your companies bespoke web design we will either put the website live for you or provide the files for you to put live. If you notice any bugs once a site is live we will fix free for a period of 12 months after launch

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